Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy

Not Just Another Long Distance School!!


The Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy is not like traditional martial arts schools. Not only do we teach a brutal style of fighting applicable to today’s hostile environment, but we are one of the few schools to recognize that a belt ranking is NOT a measure of a martial artists ability! If that were true, martial artists would have to retest at regular intervals to maintain their rankings. Yet many martial artists stop practicing altogether, but still refer to themselves as black/brown/purple belts, etc. How is this so? This is because a belt ranking is ONLY an indication that the martial artist has been exposed to the training required at that level! This is true not only at the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy, but at ANY martial arts school!

If you are thinking that the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy is just another "long distance" martial arts school, you couldn't be more wrong! The idea of long distance martial arts training is not a new concept. A simple search on the net will produce easily 10 or 15 schools that offer blackbelt certification through distance training. The difference between them and the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy is that they will charge a set fee for a videotape associated with each belt level. Then they charge another fee for you to send in a video of yourself and "test." I know from firsthand experience that most of the time they don't even view the videotapes. In total it would then cost you upwards of several hundreds of dollars to get the same exact thing that the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy offers, but with much more hassle.

We offer all of the techniques up to Second Degree Black Belt at one time, and the certification associated with that belt level. Therefore, you pay a one time charge for the Combat Kenpo DVD training package, and you get your Second Degree Black Belt and Instructor Certifications along with the DVD!