Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is your certification "recognized"?

There is no single governing body in the martial arts to give accredidation to martial arts schools. There are literally thousands of organizations that exist, each with their own rules and guidelines for certification, and rarely do these organizations recognize certification from a different organization.

Therefore, my certification is as recognized as virtually any other certification given out by any martial arts school! The difference is that I do not belong to any of the above mentioned organizations. If you get certified in my style and wish to join an organization, I would be happy to recommend a few that will "recognize" your certification without hesitation.

2. Why does the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy not join an organization?

My personal view on martial arts organizations is that they tend to be in it for the money and if the money is not there they will not recognize your certification, regardless of the training and skill level. Therefore, even if Bruce Lee were to rise from the dead, there are few organizations that would consider him certified unless he paid the entrance fee. I don't feel the motivating factor behind the martial arts should be money and therefore I choose not to join any organizations. However, if you would like to be a member of an organization I would be happy to recommend a few that you will have no problems being recognized.

3. When does my certification expire and are there any annual fees?

Again this is an advantage we hold from not joining any organizations. We do not instruct Kenpo for the money and therefore your certificate will never expire and there are no additional fees associated with lifetime certification.‚Äč

4. Can I become proficient through distance training?

Definitely! Many martial artists and martial arts instructors get their certification through long distance training and as long as you practice you can become extremely proficient.

5. If I purchase your program can I get feedback on my technique or ask questions?

Yes, I am always here to help guide your training. If you want to send videos of your technique I will be happy to offer feedback or answer any questions you may have.

6. What kind of techniques are taught in the program?

I believe in teaching real world fighting techniques that are not meant for tournaments or rules based fighting. There are no katas or techiques that are still around for tradition moreso than efficacy. Make no mistake, our program is meant for self defense and many of the techniques would not be allowed in competitions such as the UFC or point tournaments.

7. Does the program teach ground grappling?

The progam focuses on stand up self defense and virtually every technique taught would not be allowed at any grappling competition. While we believe ground grappling is useful, it is not the first line defense in a self defense situation.

8. With the instructor certification can I teach or open my own school?

One's ability to teach or open a school depends largely on their own confidence in their technique and what they are teaching. I am confident that through practice of the materials incorporated into the training program you will attain the confidence to teach if you so desire. As part of the training program you will get an instructor's certification along with your Second Degree Black Belt certification.

9. Is there an opportunity to get certified beyond 2nd degree black belt?

Yes! Once you are a student of the Combat Kenpo Fighting Academy, and have earned the rank of 2nd degree black belt, there are a few ways in which you can be awarded advanced certification.  The first step is getting your 2nd degree black belt.  Once you are comfortable at that level you are encouraged to contact me for your options beyond 2nd degree.